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Open Oceans Retreat

Disconnect to Reconnect with Mother Ocean

 San Blas, Panama

March 24-30 2024

Investment: starting at $2200

Experience the Wonders of Nature

Is this what you’re looking for?

– Do you want to live and play in nature?
– Are you looking to grow and connect more with yourself and a likeminded community around you?
– Do you want to deepen your practice of yoga and meditation?
– Do you crave a deeper connection with your own heart and body?
– Are you ready to say YES to adventure, growth and life?

Spend 1 week with us living on the ocean, soaking in the sunshine and salt while exploring our bodies and minds through yoga, meditation, adventure and deep relaxation. Allow the rawness of nature to ignite your soul, to dive deeper through simplicity and learn how to trust the natural rhythm of your heart.

This week-long retreat is an immersive initiation into a life-long way of being and living more simply, beautifully, and in harmony with the current of life.

Pricing is for 7 Days /6 Nights:

Price per person: $2200USD

2 double beds and 1 single bed available – space for a total of 5 people in beds, with lots of space to sleep outside on the deck or in a hammock.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 USD will be required to secure your spot.
The full price of the retreat is to be paid two weeks prior to the start date.

Sail, Explore, Grow

What’s Included?

– 5 days/4 nights accommodation on Banemalo, our wooden catamaran.

– Daily yoga and meditation

– 2 large handmade and fresh vegetarian meals a day with optional fish (vegan options available also)

– Smoothies, juice, tea, coffee, lemon water

– Sailing adventures

– Dinghy rides to explore the tropical islands of San Blas and the local Kuna Yala communities

– Snorkeling excursions + gear

– Unique workshops to help us connect with our true nature

– Cacao ceremony

– Optional photoshoot of your choice


Not included:
– Flights
– Visas
– Insurance
– Transport from Panama City to Kuna Yala. Transport can be arranged for you and will cost approximately $70 pp one way to the boat/back to the city

Aboard Banemalo, Our Floating Home

With majestic red sails and a large wooden deck, Banemalo is a beautiful, rustic catamaran, currently floating near the stunning remote Islands of Kuna Yala, San Blas. You will be living and sleeping aboard this giant wooden sailing platform, surrounded by Caribbean blue waters and anchoring close to coconut-filled islands. We will spend most of our time outside on the deck or swimming in the ocean. At night, you will be lulled to sleep by the gentle rock of the sea in cozy downstairs cabins, or you may choose to sleep right on the deck, under the stars. Banemalo is equipped with an eco-friendly outdoor kitchen. Our bathroom facilities on board the boat are basic and natural. Our simple toilet is located outside below deck, always with a fresh sea breeze and the best view in San Blas. The shower is above deck with fresh sweet water. Experience the joy and freedom of life at sea!

Why Choose Us

Yoga & meditation on the water

Practice daily while floating on the ocean and let the motion of the water guide you deeper inwards. From dynamic Vinyasa to relaxing Yin and Restorative, each practice will be a unique and creative journey into our own water bodies and inner climates against the backdrop of the elements and our gorgeous and remote seascape environment.

Reconnect to what matters

There is limited cell phone service around the Islands, so we encourage you to take the opportunity to disconnect from your devices for a whole week and be fully present to the environment around and within you. With limited storage space on the boat, please pack light and simple – we don’t need much to be happy 🙂

Creative workshops to dive deeper

Lovingly-curated workshops throughout the week will help us to open our hearts and minds, connect with our dreams, and get to know ourselves and each other more deeply through creativity, curiosity, and play. Expect explorations in dreams, poetry, movement, storytelling, breath and diving, water therapy, nature art, and more.

Awaken your sense of adventure

Living on a boat means living by the sun and moon, joining forces with Mother Ocean and the elements, and experiencing a new level of freedom and spontaneity. You can snorkel and dive amongst the beautiful coral reefs that surround the Islands, rich in life and colour, where you may see turtles, rays, reef sharks, and more. Another world under the sea is waiting for you to dive in!

Experience the local culture & people

Experience the local culture & people of Kuna Yala. Explore the unique and beautiful way of living on the Islands, and meet the locals as they paddle and visit our boat, and learn about their handmade artworks. Banemalo will sail with the wind to anchor next to different islands each night.

Simple, healthy, handmade meals

Enjoy 2 large nutritious and delicious homemade vegetarian meals daily. Vegan options are also available, as well as fresh fish for those who desire. Tropical fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes will fuel our full days, and all meals will be cooked in the amazing eco-friendly outdoor kitchen aboard Banemalo.

Client Testimonials

“It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!:) A lot of attention to detail and very interesting workshops as well as yoga and meditation classes. I'm recommending these wonderful people to everyone, cause they are very special and create unforgettable experiences. Much love!❤"
“Practice daily while floating on the ocean and letting the motion of the water guide you deeper inwards was an incredible experience. From dynamic Vinyasa to relaxing Yin and Restorative, each practice was a unique and creative journey into our own water bodies and inner climates against the backdrop of the elements and our gorgeous and remote seascape environment.”
“ This Experience was just incredible! I did it a few years ago and loved it so much that I had to do it again. The crew was amazing, and everyone in our group got along so well. Doing it a second time felt like a whole new adventure. I seriously can't recommend this enough. Plus, the food was top-notch, seriously delicious!.”

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Pricing is for 7 Days/6 Nights:

Price per person: 21200

2 double beds and 1 single bed available – space for a total of 5 people in beds, with lots of space to sleep outside on the deck or in a hammock.

 This is an intimate retreat with limited spaces. We encourage friends or couples who are happy sharing a double bed to do so, so that we can accommodate a few more people in our group 🙂

~The onboard bathroom and shower are shared~

A non-refundable deposit of $200 will be required to secure your spot.

*The full price of the retreat must be paid at least 2 weeks before the start of the retreat.

*Please note that there is also the option of a direct bank transfer into a euro account, or Interac E-transfer for Canadians — contact us for more information.

Note: Your reservation is subject to availability. Our team will reach out to you shortly to confirm your booking and provide payment instructions for the advance payment. Enjoy the flexibility of free cancellation up to 72 hours in advance, ensuring peace of mind for your adventure.


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How proficient in yoga should I be to attend?

We are providing a pretty full schedule of various activities, however you will still have free time during the week to either relax, explore, or dive deeper into the practices we will have explored together.

We would love to see you participate in everything. However, this is a retreat and your time is yours to use however you wish 🙂

The group will be intimate in the hopes of getting to know everyone on a deeper lever. At this specific retreat, we can accommodate 5-7 participants.

Enjoy 2 large nutritious, homemade vegetarian meals daily. Vegan options are available, as well as fresh fish for those who desire. Tropical fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes will fuel our full days, and all meals will be cooked in the amazing eco-friendly outdoor kitchen aboard Banemalo.

Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or preferences.

For most countries, no visa is required for a short term stay in Panama. Click the link below to check for your country:

Yes, we offer payment plans for all our events. Our payment plans are designed to cost you the exact same amount as if you pay the full amount at once with your credit card or via bank wire transfer.

For this event, you can pay in 3 instalments. Secure your spot with a deposit of $500 and then pay the remaining balance in two transfers at a convenient time. We only ask you to complete the full payment 30 days before the start of the retreat.

Make sure to send us an email if you are interested in a payment plan or if you encounter financial difficulties yet still would like to reserve your spot and come to the event.

If this retreat is financially out of reach for you, please ask us about scholarship options.

  • A small pack with typical beach gear (it is hot): bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen that is nature-friendly

  • Comfortable clothes for movement and yoga

  • Journal & pen

  • Toiletries that are nature-friendly / fully biodegradable (All products go into the sea)

  • Reusable water bottle (drinking water is available on the boat)

  • Cash (USD is best) to buy souvenirs/art on the Islands

  • Your yoga mat (optional)

  • Please something special that is blue (for a nice surprise) 

  • No shoes are worn on the boat

    Storage space is limited on the boat, so packing light is recommended and appreciated. 

  1. Disclaimers:

    * The total cost paid is for one space on the retreat (covering accommodation, meals, included activities, etc.), unless specified as the cost for two people.

    * Retreat reserves the right to cancel the retreat if minimum sign ups are not reached 30 days prior, in which case deposits and full payment will be refunded. Flights/Transportation costs will not be refunded.

    * Retreat is not responsible for lost, stolen, or missing items.

    * Retreat is not responsible for airline cancellations, missed flights, or transportation issues prior to the retreat.

    * All reservations and bookings are first come first served.

    * VALID PASSPORT IS REQUIRED if you are leaving your home country to attend the retreat.

    * Deposit is non-refundable (unless the retreat is canceled by the retreat staff).

    * You have until 30 days before the retreat to request any refunds (all deposits are non-refundable).

    * Travel insurance is NOT included in the price of the retreat, and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ultimate protection. We will be in a remote location in the ocean. The retreat staff are CPR/first-aid trained and a first-aid kit will be on site. Retreat staff will not be held responsible for any injuries or illness.

    * You must sign and return these Terms & Conditions BEFORE the first day of the retreat.

    * You must pay the total balance of the retreat 30 days prior to the start date.


    * Keep all common areas clean.

    * Return yoga mats neatly to their proper place.

    * No food in the rooms.

    * Retreat is not responsible for lost, stolen, or missing items.

    Substance Use/Abuse:

    I agree to refrain from the use of alcohol or other recreational drugs during the retreat.


    I consent to be the subject of any photographs or audio/video recordings made during my stay, and grant permission for these to be published or posted in ways that promote the boat, the instructors, and future retreats. (Otherwise, I can tell the instructors/staff that I do not want to participate, or move to a place in the room that is not being photographed or recorded.)
    In order to protect the privacy of others, this Retreat requires that all guests agree not to post or publish any photographs, videos, or audio recordings of other individuals, or make use of the Retreat name or logo, without express permission. I understand that I am solely responsible and potentially liable for any harm or damages caused by my online activity relating to the Retreat.

    Release of Liability:

    I understand that the retreat is a physically and emotionally demanding program. I am responsible for my experience and for my well-being while on the retreat. I agree to support the retreat environment and contribute to a safe, respectful, and positive experience for everyone in-house during my stay.
    I understand that the practice of yoga/meditation often produces non-ordinary states of awareness, and that program instructors and staff are not responsible for managing every participants personal needs. I understand that practicing yoga is often about exploring new boundaries and personal limitations. I recognise that activities of this nature involve an element of physical, emotional, and psychological risk. I understand that each persons level of physical and psychological fitness is different, and that some activities may not be appropriate for me given my individual capacities. I accept the need to monitor my own participation in each activity, and each exercise within any given activity, and that the Retreat and the instructors are not responsible for any physical or psychological risk I choose to take in my exploration.

    I understand that during the retreat I will be spending time in nature and engaging in outdoor activities such as snorkelling, swimming, etc., which involve potential risks.

    I understand that my participation is never required if I feel unsafe in any way. It is my responsibility to honor my physical and psychological boundaries, and if I feel unsafe in any way, to stop participation in an experience and speak to a staff member.

    After being informed of the above risks and responsibilities, I generally release the retreat, boat and staff involved in the retreat, from all claims, causes of action, medical expenses, and other costs related to my guest participation, whether they arise while at the retreat, or from my later use of information or instruction at home.

    These terms and conditions are to be reviewed, signed and returned by all retreat participants before the first day of the retreat.

How to Get Here

The closest airport is Tocumen International Airport in Panama City. Please fly in at least one day before the retreat as we will arrange for you to be picked up at 5am on March 24th from your accommodation in Panama City and brought by taxi and then by boat to Banemalo. This journey takes about 5-6 hours total, and the price is approximately $150 USD per person (round trip). On the last day of the retreat, the journey back to Panama City will begin early in the morning, so you can book a flight out on the evening of the same day, if you wish. If you are already in Panama and/or prefer to organize your own travel to and from the boat, just let us know.

Once you book your flight, please send us your travel information so that we can arrange your way to Banemalo and potentially organize shared taxis with other retreat participants, as well as invite you to our private Whatsapp group so that you can discuss travel plans with other members of our retreat family.

Meet Your Facilitators

Tiana- Retreat Facilitator

Co-Founder of Dvāra Yoga Retreats A devoted student on the path of Bhakti yoga, ever-enchanted by nature and inspired by the thrill of life, I see yoga as a loving conversation and believe in teaching, learning, and living in fullness from the heart. In my yoga classes, expect explorative experiences of creative movement and meditation woven with sound, chanting, storytelling, and poetry, to inspire both playful and profound heart-connection. I am a graduate of White Peacock Yoga School’s 300-hour Bhakti Academy, Yandara Yoga Institute’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and am an ongoing student of Hindu Mythology and other yoga philosophy Continuing Education courses through the School of Indian Wisdom, Yogic Studies, and Samāveśa School of Yoga. I love adventure and travel, and have taught yoga in Peru, Spain, France, Morocco, Guadeloupe, and Canada.
 I'm also a certified educator (Bachelor of Education: Artist in Community Education, Queen's University) and dance teacher (British Association of Teachers of Dancing), and am passionate about fostering community and connection through educational, artistic, and spiritual offerings.

James- Captain

Coming from a small town in Iowa, USA, people always ask James how he came to live on a boat in the Caribbean. So here’s the story in short - He left university to travel at 19 and spent years traveling by bicycle, motorcycle, car, train, motorhome until arriving on his first sailboat in 2016 in Baja, Mexico. When the captain turned the motor off and lifted the sails he was absolutely enamored and knew that this was the way he wanted to travel. 6 months later, James had bought his first boat – a little 27’ full-keeler in Puerto Rico where the previous owner agreed to give him a week of sailing lessons as part of the package. Soon after James sailed to Colombia and then onto Panama where he discovered the San Blas Islands almost by mistake. The Islands, animal life, variety of anchorages, sailing community, and maybe most importantly – the wonderful people who live in San Blas – have kept him coming back year after year. James bought Banemalo in Costa Rica at the beginning of 2023, before he was joined by his current crew and then began the journey down the Pacific coast of Panamá before crossing the canal and returning to his home in the San Blas Islands. James is a real lover of adventure, the simple things in life, and sharing his passion of living a life on the ocean.

Vida- Yoga Teacher

Growing up on the coast of New Zealand, Vida has always found peace and a sense of home by the ocean. Born in the forest on a beefarm, her roots lay deep within the sanctuary of nature, forever being a deep teacher and inspiration, fueling her playfulness, curiosity and passion for life. When Vida was 14, she followed her passion for classical ballet to Australia, studying fulltime and later working for several years with a ballet company. Life in the city was comfortable and secure but when she returned home and connected to her natural essence once again, she knew that there was so much more wild beauty, adventure and connection waiting for her elsewhere. Following her heart and passion for nature, movement, and connection, Vida then studied Outdoor Adventure Education, and completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with the Kula Collective in Guatemala. Her vision is to combine the magical forces of nature, movement and love… To help remind us how to listen to the deep calling of our hearts so we can follow our true creative missions in this life.

Sophia- Yoga facilitator

Co-Founder of Dvāra Yoga Retreats Sensitive and curious, always ready for an adventure, often in search of beauty, special places in nature, and large bodies of water to submerge myself in. You may find me by rivers, rocks, waterfalls, and long point breaks, most probably muddy and barefoot. I am a yoga facilitator with a deep love for movement, whether that's creative vinyasa sequences, embodiment dance, animal movement, or arm balance play. I believe that moving our bodies in different, fun, and creative ways can spark even more inspiration and joy both on and off the mat. I studied yoga in North Sumatra, Indonesia with Flying Elephant Yoga (200h) and in Costa Rica with Authentic Movements (300h). I am always looking for new ways of expanding my knowledge about this never ending journey to the self. My origins are a yummy mix of Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Polish, and Azerbaijan roots. Russian is my mother tongue, I lived in Russia and the Moldovan countryside for the first 10 years of my life, before moving to Paris, France with my mother. I speak Russian, French, English, and Spanish. I cannot wait to dance with you!